Mounting and finishing services

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    • FOAM 5 or 10 mm.
    • PVC or 3mm black and white Forex. Metal frame also available.
    • DIBOND 3mm. Metal frame availble too.
    • FOAM + ALUMINUM PROFILE (different colors).

Finishing Services

VM Foto offers a complete selection of mounting options for your enlargements. We recommend you to print your images on glossy paper. It preserves your images better and it is easier to handle. We offer you different options for a professional finishing. We can also advise you on the best option for your needs. Know more about them:



A two white-coated aluminum plates enclose a black polyethylene core. It offers a great rigidity and it is very resistant to corrosion. It is ideal for medium and large format prints. It is a perfect support to frame and also offers the possibility of placing an aluminum frame on the back so that, when hanging the work, it seems to “float” on the wall.


Aluminium Dibond

A frame is placed on a frame of 2X1.5 cm. in the form of U, to fulfill two functions: one, to provide greater rigidity. Two, when hanging the copy, you will have the feeling that it is “floating” on the wall.



It is a plastic panel of 3 mm thick. Lightweight and hardly flammable. It is an ideal support for impressions both small and large format, as well as for framing thanks to its good thermal insulation. There are two color options: white or black.


Light Board

This support is composed of two sheets of foamed PVC filled with a rigid foam, which is lightweight and very durable and with a smooth finishing. Suitable for small and large format prints. It is a cheap solution. There are several finishing options with white or black edges with a thickness of 1 or 2 cm. It is delivered ready to hang directly on the wall.



It is a very light panel with a self-adhesive band. It is structurally reinforced with aluminum. This support allows impressions of any size. It is practical and cheap.


Foam + aluminium framework

It is an embellished finishing and of greater rigidity that is added to foam (explained above). This aluminum profile serves as a frame and is available in differents colors.

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