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The service to send files by internet is exclusive for clients already registered in our website. They can order through their account and we will send them their orders by express mail service.

Nonetheless, if you want to recive your orders by internet and you don’t have an account with us, you still can have accessto this service following the next steps:

- Send your files by Wetransfer on JPG file format and compressed.

- Send an email to ( letting us know the size, type of paper, number of copies, etc you want and, most importantly, the telephone number where we can contact you.

Once we recieve your order, we will send you an email telling you the price you should pay by bank transfer. As soon as we get your bank transfer, we will let you know the day your order will be ready to pick up in our shop.

Remember that this email service has a 3,00 euros extra charge to the final amount.

We recommend you to make your orders at our lab-shop. It will save you money and it wil allow you to tell us the way you want your orders and so to have a more personalized service.

King regards,

93 321 57 66