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Lomografía en Barcelona Since lomography has become a growing movement nowadays, we decided to dedicate a whole section to it. Lomography was quintessential to revitalized analogue lifestyle and has a bunch of devoted fans from all over the world. They called themselves lomographers.

Lomography started in the 1990’s when two Viennese students discovered in the former Czechoslovakia the LOMO LC-A, a camera made in the former Soviet Union and very popular among the Russian people.

The former Soviet Union was about to fall and these students decided to rescue the small and enigmatic Russian camera from its disappearance. They founded the Lomographic Society International in 1992, with embassies in Vienna and Berlin first and all over the world then. To know more about lomography, go to

In VM Foto we have been developing hundreds of different film rolls for years. We can scan your negatives if you want to save them in your computer or to share them with your friends in the social media. We also can make copies in photographic paper.

Lomografía en Barcelona We know all kind of cameras and we are here to help you with any question you might have about how they work or about the development of your photos.

Here you are a list of the different LOMO cameras existing: DIANA, DIANA-MINI, HOLGA, MINITAR LC-A+, HORIZON, ACTION SAMPLER, FISHEYE, SARDINA, LOMOKINO, SPROCKET-ROCKET, SPINNER 360º, and some more.

"The essence of lomography is the photos: powerful, intense, crazy, terrific, unique, hard, exciting and sexy”. Ref.