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Todos los servicios en fotografía digital y analógica

Analogue Photography

Negative films are the origin of photography. We know how important the film is and that is the reason why in VM Foto we treat it like it deserves.

The new technology outburst has done away with traditional photography, photography on film, but we back it and we show our support to it. We keep on developing, and with more resolution than ever, the color negative film, black and white, we keep on enlarging, reserves, framing… We take all kind of formats, 135, 120, 220, photography cheat sheets, etc.

Fotografía Analógica en Barcelona We scan in high resolution all kind of films to their following digital image processing, so you will be able to retouch your images in your computer or to share them with your friends and family on the social networks, but always with the high quality and the grain (no noise) the film offers.

We believe that digital photography has a lot of advantages: immediacy, definition… It would be inconceivable to disregard it nowadays. But we also recognize and appreciate the good and undeniable aspects of the negative film, such as the depth and the realism.

We believe photographers have the chance to take advantage of both systems, by using them simultaneously, something that may allow them to differ and stand out. We remind you that when color photography started some people believed black and white photography would disappear. But it didn’t happen and still won’t with traditional color film in the near future.

We make copies of your negative films with frames, reserves and adjustments manually, using our wide experience in analogue photography, but taking advantage of the new technology. We print on photosensitive paper and we then develop the negative using the chemical RA-4 process.


  • Professional photo printing of color negative films (C-41 process). 135, 120, 220 sizes and sheets. We offer push-processing and cross-processing (slides which are develop as negative films).of color negative films (C-41 process). 135, 120, 220 sizes and sheets. We offer push-processing and cross-processing (slides which are develop as negative films).

  • Professional photo printing of black and white negative films of all kinds of films. We offer manually photo printing, push-processing, pull-processing, etc.

  • Prints from slides (E-6 processing). All formats. Pull-processing, push-processing, framing C/S, cross-processing, etc.

  • Direct enlargements on photo paper with Kodak Supra-Endura chemical developing on luster or glossy pearl surfaces.

  • Large format FineArt or Giclée Priting on art papers, fiber base paper, glossy, canvas, etc.

  • Contact sheets, copy proof photos, etc.

  • Film scanning and high quality opaques with color correction and image cleaning (Digital ICE Technology).

  • Special negative films processing: panoramic, half-frame format, wrong frames, mounting, etc.

  • Lomography: wide experience on developing all type of existing films, scanning and duplication. DIANA, HOLGA, DIANA-MINI, SPINNER, LC-A, FISHEYE, SPROCKET ROCKET, HORIZON, etc.